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12th May 2012

12:56pm: Happy Birthday
Wishing a happy birthday from your friend anubiset.
Current Mood: cheerful

16th January 2010

3:13pm: I think I found it
I think I found my mind, it got lost last weekend and is stuck in a vortex. I love it when that happens. I don`t have to think.

1st January 2010

7:20pm: For the love of God someone find me
I think I have lost my mind. I need someone to find it. Anyone know anything about the law when it comes to divorce in Ohio. Let me know here or e-mail me. anubiset@hotmail.com. I love all my friends and need some comfort send all your fav. links for HP slash to me. Need some good pics too.

Current Mood: awake

3rd October 2007

10:02am: Going insane
 Hello everyone,

It has been so long since I was on here. I have been looking for work, dealing with being a single mom, yes he took off, dealing with a car that hates me, you get the picture. I am currently looking for Tom/Harry, Voldemort/Harry stories. Doesn`t matter whether it is humor or serious, I just want to see them together. Send me your links and recs, please, make life a little more bearable.

tata for now

Death is the master of us all and when I go I will welcome him with open arms and heartfelt Yes

Current Mood: distressed

29th August 2005

12:12pm: Wanted: Graphic Artist
I am a mod for Adultfanfiction.net. WE are now under new management. Our new owner, would like are graphic designs to be updated. If you would be interested, please contact her at: spencer_creek_studios@yahoo.com. You will be given full credit for your works.
Current Mood: working

6th June 2005

12:45pm: Looking for icons
Hey everybody. I am looking for livejournal icons of Strife from Hercules and Xena, also a few of the other characters. If you know where I can find some, let me know. Also, looking for more of Xander and Spike. I will be giving credit to the makers for the icons, by putting it on icon, so to speak. When people like the icon they push the icon and find out who made it and where to go to find one. If you make them, please let me know. I am always willing to give credit where credit is due. I am also looking for icons from yugioh. Please, if anyone knows where I can find some, send me a message here or to my e-mail at anubiset@sbcglobal.net. Thank you all.

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31st May 2005

6:16pm: slash
I love slash and it was because of that, I have decided to start working on a slash fiction for a Btvs/Xena Hurcules slash crossover. I am not sure what to do or where to start. If anyone know of some good links for someone that has written other stories like this. I am looking for different pairings within this, as well as some things that would give some ideas of what would work. I have an idea of how they meet. I am just unsure about some of the relationships that I want to do. If you have a link to some places that have crossovers I would appreciate it.
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16th May 2005

8:13pm: Like the new image?
I just finally got an image for this thing. Took me forever to figure it out. I got it from Eternally Yours websiter. The maker is Delectable Oomph. I love that site. It may not be adding new works right now, but they have some great authors` there.
I still have yet to figure out the whole thing where these show up as links. I don`t understand it. I am not good with computers. If someone out there wants to help. Please do, so that I can have links on here.
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15th May 2005

8:40pm: What to do?
If anyone reads this, I am wondering, I have three stories that I have been working on, but can`t seem to find the time to do. I know that part of the problem is inspiration. I would love some ideas.
1.Sequel to Duke/Joey fanfiction. Fandom YuGiOh. The two of them found they like each other in the first part, and I have several people ask about a sequel, but I don`t know what to do and who to pair up. I need some ideas of pairings. Once I have those, a plot will come.
2. Btvs Fandom. Spander (Spike/Xander)I don`t know where to start. I have the plot, but I can`t get started. The plot: Xander still has the hyena and the soldier, he knows he does, but no one else does. He is having feelings for Spike and he is very concerned about what is causing it. If someone can come up with a way to start this, I would be grateful. I just can`t seem to figure out how to start it. I want it to be a/u and set in the series around the time that Spike would have taken interest in Buffy, but he is taking an interest in Xander instead.
3. Fandom: Yugioh. Pairing: Marik/Ryou, Malik/Bakura. I want it to have a plot, but when I do these guys it usually winds up being smut. Can someone give a plot.

Anyone who helps out will be given credit. Just put in the pen name or name you want used for the crediting. It will take a while. I will post later. When I have chosen which one to start with. And I will let you all know who will be getting credit. I am not sure which one will be done. It will depend on which idea or ideas I like.

Current Mood: anxious

7th May 2005

11:22am: For those who want to stop plagarism in fanfictions and orginal fictions
I have found a place that is helping out writers of fan fictions and original fictions. These sites are for helping to stop plagiarism.
This group is for those that have been plagiarized or for those that of someone who has been plagiarized. You let them know who did it and it helps them stop it.
This is a group just for site owners and moderators. It is going to have a list of known plagiarists on it. It will have a blacklist, which will be plagiarists that have been found. It will have a watch list, this list is for plagiarists that have agreed to stop or for those that have not been found to plagiarize for at least a year. This is to help site owners and mods of sites and groups, know who is who.

21st April 2005

10:24am: I am sick
Guess what? I got what the kids got. I feel like crap. So, I will be going to bed early tonight, but try to get caught up on my other work today. Neither kid is going to school, just the oldest, so I have nothing to do, while they sleep. Which I can`t, because I am mom and mom must stay alert even when she feels like crap.

I just saw the greatest thing today, my oldest helped the other two get dressed and then got them what they needed for them to take their medicine, it was too cute. I just sat back and relaxed, making sure he did it right. I woke him up and told him I didn`t feel good and he came in and helped without having to be asked. I think the world may be coming to an end. He never helps me. So, if the world does come to an end, I am truly sorry.
Current Mood: sick

20th April 2005

6:42pm: Bad day
Ever have one of those days, when you wake up and know it is going to try your patients. That is this day. I got up feeling sick, okay, I can deal. Then my daughter barfs on me. Oh yeah, not going good. Call the school, let them know. Get the oldest to school, call doctor. She had a stomach virus, so does the middle kid. So, the doc finds sounds in her lungs and I have to call everyone to find a sitter so I can take her for blood tests and an x-ray, that was easy, she did great and got a little coupon for a free personnal pan pizza and two stickers. I get home and she is now ralfing every fifteen minutes and I do nothing but steam clean. Now the middle kid is doing it too. Some days it does not pay to get up. I have got none of my beta reading done and have not been to the site that I mod or the site that I own. Just great. I did manage to finish off two short fics. The ones that needed beta read. I am now listening to pucking and crying from the sick two and the third is complaining about not wanting to help. I wish I never got up.
On an upside, I got to read a great little series of fic for Kill Andrew, very hiliarious. Made me feel better. Now I am off to try to work on a few fics of my own and tomorrow better be a good day. Otherwise I will not be happy.
Current Mood: blah

6th April 2005

8:23pm: Me tired
I had a computer crash that I was able to stop but I had to reinstall a lot of stuff and now I am behind on everything. I hope to put up some stuff here soon. I want to try a quick one-shot of spander. It won`t be much, but I want to a short one. After I finish it I want to try something longer later. When I do I will put up the link to it.
Current Mood: tired

28th February 2005

9:30pm: Bad day
I woke up yesterday feeling weird, got up this morning with fever and cough, doc says, flu. Bad flu. Go away. anyway, I feel like I got hit by a semi. Make matters worse, father-in-law was found dead in his rig earlier today. Not a good day. Me sick, hubby sick, one kid sick, death, my van hates me. Ugg. Oh and it had to be on the week I set aside to do some work on my group and try to figure out that free website deal. I have no clue how those work. I have no clue about websites period. I need help. (Head hits desk) Ohh, that hurt. Don`t want to move though. Yes, I can write this while not looking. Go for me. I am typing kinda slow. About 20 per minute. They run together and my wrist don`t want to move. Look at that. And let`s not forget I got a burn on my hand so it no work right. Blah, I`m done.
Current Mood: sick

23rd February 2005

7:54pm: depressed
A friend of mine lost someone dear to him. It is depressing. So, I am depressed.

What I want in this world
Never comes to me
It always lays on the edge
The edge of an abyss
I feel like I get so close
Just to watch it fall away
Am I not worth it
Have I not suffered enough
Will love ever find me
Or will I die tomorrow
Without knowing what it is
What it feels like to be held
In someones arms
What it feels like to love
That special way
I feel lost and alone
In a world so full of life
Am the only who feels this
Angels from above
Show me what I must do
In this,
My darkest hour
Show me what awaits
For I know not
What it is to love.

I think that sums up the emotions that I got from him. I know that is how I felt when it happened to me.

11th February 2005

9:09pm: Started on the fourth book workup
YAY!I started the workup for the fourth book in the series. I hope to have the first chap of the first book done soon. I am doing flashbacks so that people can get the feel for the characters lives. The only thing I`m stuck on is names for the kids. I found some helpful websites though. So it should be soon
Current Mood: bouncy

4th February 2005

6:20pm: Almost halfway through the first chapter.

I`m almost halfway through the first chapter of my new fanfic. I`m ecstatic. I love how it is coming. The first chapter is going to be more info about the characters and their relationships. The second will do the rest of the relationships and introduce the plot hopefully. I know it will go slow, but I don`t want a lot of shoot em out scenes until the last chapter. That will be quite a while away.
Current Mood: excited

30th January 2005

12:47pm: For anyone with knowledge of the old west
I`m looking for someone who has some knowledge of the old west. I need help with the names of some of the things from that time. Any and all info will be appreciated and you will get mentioned. I will post it on Adultfanfiction.net and mediaminer.org. But I`m still in the beginning stages and need any and all info available. Website links that would help me, any and all info you have and just general info. I will put you name in the beginning as an honorable mention. That way people will know who helped out. I already have mentioned the person that the plot bunny came from and how they inspired the story. So, if anyone has anything that will help, let me know. Either here or e-mail me. The best e-mail address to use is anubiset@sbcglobal.net.
Current Mood: determined

29th January 2005

6:09pm: New yaoi that I`m starting
Yeah, I`m starting a new yaoi today. I got inspired, anyone that reads this and wants to know when it will be posted I will be putting up when and where I post on here and let you all know. I`m so excited. It`s my first western, which means violence and course language. But it will be a romance. yami/hikari pairings. Seto/Jou and Mokuba/Noa. It will be different from what I have done. So yeah. I can`t wait til I get the first chapter done.
Current Mood: excited

28th January 2005

7:04pm: Yes, I put out my first Gundam Wing yaoi.
Just the other day I finished my first Gundam Wing yaoi. I don`t know how well it went. I do hope that someone reads it and reviews it. I only posted on two sites so far, but hope to have it one more soon.
Current Mood: pleased

31st December 2004

9:02pm: I`m back
I was recently too ill to do any work on the computer, but I am finally better. However, at current I cannot log in at mediaminer, so I am using adultfanfiction.net. I should have some new works out sometime next week, including a fluffy little one dedicated to my daughter. She saw a picture of Inuyasha and Kouga hugging and just kept squeling until I offered to write her a story of her own for those two. I may actually take quite a while for that one, since I`m no good with fluffy. Lovey and dovey, not fluffy. Okay, enough rambling. I hope to get up to date with all my groups and then start in on my stories soon. Thanks for the patients for those who read my works.
Current Mood: mellow

17th December 2004

9:28am: My Yaoi
I`m sorry if people on mediaminer think I died or something, but I haven`t been able to get my computer fixed. I will be buying a new one soon and hopefully I will have it around Febuary, until then I will be using my husbands computer. It may take a while to do everything because all my stuff got erased, but I will be doing my best and hopefully have some new yaoi`s out by the end of December.
Current Mood: aggravated

11th December 2004

10:12am: Yaoi
I have recently become a yaoi writer and love to write it. I am currently on hiatus due to some computer problems. You can read my works at mediaminer.org. I write under the anubiset. If anyone likes yaoi and knows the anime yu-gi-oh, go take a look. I currently have four stories out and once my computer is fixed I will be finishing a gundam wing challenge fanfic and a wolf`s rain fanfic, also a continuation fic of one of the yu-gi-oh fanfics. I will also be trying my hand at Full Metal Alchemist and Inuyasha. Most of the stories have the characters being OOC, but there are a few where they are going to be in character, for the most part. If anyone likes yaoi and has a request I will try to please. Info for requests are anime, pairing, situation, title (if you have one), rating. You don`t need all this, just let me know a little about what you`d like to see and I`ll do my best. You can e-mail me at anubiset@sbcglobal.net or haglerlinda@sbcglobal.net. I should have the computer back up and working this weekend, if not I`ll update here.

Have a Merry Christmas Everyone.

P.S. If anyone is a good artist and likes yaoi I would love some art for my fics.
Current Mood: cheerful
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